How to make a strength potion in minecraft 1.19

There are some potions in Minecraft that will change your life forever. Once you wear one of them, you won’t want to go into battle without them. The strength potion in Minecraft 1.19 will increase your attack damage, allowing you to destroy all your enemies with fewer hits. However, the recipe can be relatively difficult to come by without help. So, here is how to make a strength potion in Minecraft 1.19.

How to create a strength potion in Minecraft, all recipes

In order to make a strength potion in Minecraft 1.19, you will first need to brew an awkward potion. To make an uneasy potion, head to the brewing station and use a Nether Wart as your regent (the top slot) and place water bottles in the potion slots (the bottom slots). After waiting a bit, you’ll get one or three (depending on how many bottles of water you’ve used) awkward potions that you can now use to make a strength potion.

There are three variants for the strength potion in Minecraft 1.19:

  • Strength Potion – 3 minutes
  • Strength Potion – 8 minutes
  • Strength Potion II: 1.5 minutes, twice the effect of a normal strength potion

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To make the Basic Strength Potion, you will only need two ingredients: Fire Powder and Awkward Potion. You can craft Flame Dust by disassembling Flame Rods. Players can obtain Fire Rods by defeating a fire in a Lesser Stronghold.

So, put the fire powder in the brewing stand in the regent slot (upper slot) and put the uneasy potions in the lower slots, and wait a few seconds for them to turn into normal three-minute potions of strength.

Minecraft Potion of Strength 2

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To make the second strength potion, the eight-minute one, you will only have to use redstone dust as a regent and normal strength potions for the lower slots. On the other hand, if you want the more powerful double damage potions, you’ll have to use glowstone dust as a regent and normal strength potions for the lower slots.


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