One of Valorant’s most anticipated features could arrive in 2023, but Riot is afraid to officially announce it – Valorant

Beyond protests over the release of some maps or specific criticisms regarding the state of the agents, Valorant it has had a very quiet existence compared to other games as a service. However, the team Riot Games had to face a great controversy during the past year. It was motivated by a question and answer session in which the company responded in the negative to most of the player requests. A situation that gave rise to a small crisis and many corrections in the following days. There were many reasons for complaint, although the most common was motivated by a single sentence: “to date there are no plans to create a replay system focused on the players.

Replays could come to Valorant in 2023

After the controversy, the Valorant developers accepted the error and they changed many of the answers of that question session. They accepted that they lost a bit of focus on what players really wanted and added almost everything the community expected in the months that followed. However, there was an expected absence. The replay system cannot be created in a single day or even in a couple of months of work. The problem is that not even in the great advance on what is to come in 2023 (already seven months after the initial controversy) has there been an update on the matter, something that has somewhat disturbed those who were most waiting for the landing of this new feature.

Where Riot Games has not reached, yes, the leakers have. The person in charge of the ValorLeaks Twitter account, one of the most reliable, wanted to appease the community, first with a reminder and then with some information. “Replays will come to Valorant. There is no expected release date. They have been in development for a few months now. The goal is to launch them this year, but I insist that there is no specific date. I don’t know why this is coming up now. It’s not something very new, but it requires a lot of technology. It’s been in development for so long that I don’t even remember when I first saw it. The reason there is no date is to avoid another situation like the one that took place with the gift system (announced without being able to implement) ”, commented the leaker.

Although Riot Games did not offer as many details, Valorant’s CEO also confirmed that the replay system is still in development. In this sense, the objective of the company has been not to make too many promises that could later collapse throughout the year. Although, probably, knowing that everything is still going and that maybe we can finally see this tool in 2023 it is something that will reassure the players. It may be delayed a little longer due to unforeseen events, but everyone is sure that it will eventually arrive.

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