Riot Games could reduce the prices of League of Legends


It is well known that playing League of Legends It is somewhat complicated, not so much because the video game is a difficult task, but because acquiring some characters can be a long process due to the price to pay. and just recently Riot Games He has given a message that would make some happy and others angry, since they will reduce costs.

This announcement was made in a thread Reddit where fans were discussing Yuumi and her role as champion.

This they commented:

I don’t see a problem with Yuumi being for newbies, but if that’s the intention it should be priced at 450 Blue Essence, not 6,300. It’s too much for a player who has no characters.

Before the comment, one of the developers commented the following:

This is something I very much agree with, I think our prices are out of date. August and I, Riot TheTruexy, are working on bringing the Blue Essence pricing of a bunch of champions up to modern standards.

Here is a table shared by the media, in which you can see the current prices:

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 16.46.46

Getting the characters is not very easy, since you usually have to pay real money to get the favorites, and it takes hours and hours of games to get fictitious figures, something that not many can afford. There is also the option to subscribe to game pass of pcwhich unlocks everything, but if you stop paying the subscription it is obvious that there is no more access.

With the message from the worker, now the followers expect that price drop.

Via: Reddit


Editor’s note: Games as a service are not easy to tackle, especially since many already have veteran players on the map. So newbies just play two games only to find out they can’t win and quit. To that is added the prices per characters.

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