Spreen apologizes for killing Auron in Extreme Minecraft: “I lost my grip”

A couple of days ago the alarms went off in Minecraft Extreme after what Spreen kill, apparently for no reason behind it, Auronplaybefore the astonished gaze of the spectators and other players.

In fact, Auron himself claimed not to understand Spreen’s behavior, attributing it to the fact that it had simply been a “whim”. Now, it seems that the Argentine has reconsidered and wanted to talk live about it.

“I have to admit that I sent them, there is nothing to defend. I I live the games in another way, I am not used to the scope that these streamers have. I am a Minecraft PvP player, previously playing in professional teams,” Spreen explained.

“I’m not used to certain things. It’s not an excuse. I say this because I accept that I passed. Later I told Auron that it was all from chill and he told me that everything chillWe’re fine,” he continued.

Lastly, Spreen also wanted to take the opportunity to thank Auron and his team for always counting on him for this type of series: “Auron might not invite me and he always invites me, so I am totally grateful“.

Be that as it may, the truth is that the Argentine is running as one of the great candidates to claim victory in Extreme Minecraft. We will see what happens during the following phases of the series.

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