The replay system finally arrives in VALORANT

During the last days, Riot Games has put the batteries when it comes to announcing news regarding VALORANT. the beginning of VALORANT Champions Tour with the LOCK//IN from Brazil has put all eyes on him shooter. Hours ago, the developer confirmed the arrival of the expected ‘Premier’ game modethat more casual tournament that will allow players to feel what it is like to compete for real.

Good, but this is not the most important thing that they have revealed. And it is that a rioter confirmed this Wednesday that one of the most requested tools by all will be present very soon in VALORANT. It is the system of replaythat is, that function that It will allow us to review all our games once finished. Of course, this allows both coaches and the players themselves to know what mistakes they have made in order to improve for their next games.

Riot Games confirms the system of replay for VALORANT

Once again, Anna Donlonhead of the VALORANT developer team, highlighted the arrival of this feature in the game. At the moment we do not know an exact date for its release. Donlon herself points out that they never like to announce releases for which they still They don’t have a set date.. And this can cause a hype extreme that could last longer than everyone would expect.

However, we are in a moment of celebration for a new stage in the competitive video game. Added to this is the launch of a new map as was Lotus and we’ll see if they introduce us to a new agent soon. Finally, Anna confirmed that updates to the game modes and new server locations will also arrive. A new era comes to shooter from Riot Games and here we are to experience it.

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