They ask for a ransom of 10 million and threaten to leak data

League of Legends has confirmed that, for the moment, the personal information of the players remains safe.

They have managed to hack League of Legends: they ask for a ransom of 10 million and threaten to leak data
Hackers ask for 10 million for the data, and Riot does not give up

League of Legends is one of best multiplayer video games of the planet. The unbeatable Riot Games MOBAs has spent many years with really enviable numbers of players, and has endured on the podium where many other games have been forgotten. It is a free, competitive game with a latent community, but still does not get rid of cyberattacks. Riot Games is one of the most powerful companies in the sector, but since last week is at a crossroads: Hackers have penetrated your defenses and stolen highly sensitive information from the source code of League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics.

Riot Games announced the breach a week ago, and still they have not been able to put out that fire. hackers they stole information from LoL and TFTin addition to the source code of one of its anti cheat platforms, which penalizes players who cheat. The good news is that the gap has not compromised the data of the users themselves, so a priori, your account would be safe. Riot believes the attack has been orchestrated using social engineeringbut they have not yet been able to locate the “hole” through which the hackers have slipped.

Hackers ask for 10 million in exchange for stolen source code

Now, the criminals behind the coup they seek to get a sliceand have threatened Riot Games with they will leak the source code of both games if the company does not pay a million dollar ransom. hackers They ask for 10 million dollars for the extracted codes, something that Riot Games has refused to pay from minute one. This is the most serious and media leak of data so far this yearand it would also be counting 2022 if it were not for the massive leak that Rockstar suffered with the images of GTA VI from last year.

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Riot Games continues to try to quell the onslaught and is working to protect user data and guarantee security within the game, to avoid cheats or exploits that ruin the experience of League of Legends and TFT. These two games are completely geared towards competitive multiplayer, and if Riot isn’t able to ensure game security, people will get frustrated and stop playing. The company has been quite transparent on social media in regards to this attack, so if you want to follow the resolution process, the best thing to do is follow them on Twitter.

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