VALORANT will take a while to reach other platforms

Riot Games has been betting on other video games several years. League of Legends is no longer its only title, but there are other video games that you have to pay attention to. One of them is VALORANT, that video game that they released approximately two and a half years ago and that continues to create a beautiful competitive ecosystem.

hours ago, Riot released a statement talking about the future of the video game. From the amateur to the competitive, going through a new game mode that they had already announced to us a few months ago. But this is not the only thing they discussed during the video. And it is that they also officially revealed that VALORANT will come to other devices.

Riot talks about VALORANT coming to more devices

Anna Donlon, Dev Team Lead in VALORANT, the development team continues to work to bring the shooter to other devices. At the moment they are still working on it, although it also confirms that it is taking longer than they would like. «It is taking place but it is going slower than we would like. I’m sure it’s also slower than you’d like, but it’s on the right track.Donlon stated.

It is not the first time that the developer reveals that he wants to take VALORANT outside of PC. In this video he made it clear that they continue to work on this project, although it seems that it is taking much longer than they would like. In the past We have already seen evidence of a VALORANT Mobile and it seems that all this is reaching much further.

Far from mobile VALORANT would also reach other platforms among which we are PlayStation Y Xbox. For now, we will have to continue waiting until the company provides more information about this process and, probably, about a beta that allows us to test the game outside of PC.

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