Extreme Minecraft and a new ‘fun’ for Xokas: everything that happened on Twitch on Thursday

Twitch has left us this Thursday an afternoon full of activity of all kinds on the main channels. Ibai, AuronPlay, Xokas, Illojuan, Rubius… no one missed the appointment with their audience just a few days from the ESLAND Couldn’t you see everything that happened? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you.

Ibai Llanos and AuronPlay

we start with Ibai Y Auronplaywho are still fully involved in Minecraft Extreme. Seeing that the series lives up to its name and that both Twitch giants only have 1 life left of the 3 that all participants start with, they decided to have a quiet day of fishing with friends. Although obviously this did not prevent scares, dangers and some trolling.


for his part xokas He followed the usual script of his live shows. First, a bit of talk where he defended himself against the umpteenth “funny” that has fallen on him, this time through a video recorded while he was partying. Later reacted to the deaths of other participants in Minecraft Extreme and finally entered the server himself to start the Gold Rush.


IlloJuan got together with Revenant, elBokeron Y Knecro to promote oddballers, a fun party-game of those that can trigger a lot of laughter or break friendships, although it seems that this time it was the first case. Later had a very interesting talk with an aerospace engineerperhaps to feel more secure when it is your turn to travel to pick up your Esland.


The direct from Rubius began in a way that made us salivate, testing for the first time (well, second, but this is the streamer world and if in the first there was no one to see it then it didn’t happen) his new burgeravailable right now at The Great Mediterranean Family. Once satiated, he tasted the first hour of the Hi Fi Rushthe game that surprised everyone in the past Xbox Developer_Direct and that it is already available on Xbox Series and PC. Finally, a little Minecraft Extreme.

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