Komanche and Cristinini, expelled from Minecraft Extreme for inactivity, explain what happened

Minecraft Extreme is occupying the current streamer of the last days for very different topics. if recently Spreen’s “murder” of Auron became a hugely viral issue, now the expulsion of two of its star participants It has become a hotly debated topic. Cristinini and Komanche have been disqualified from the competition, and both streamers have explained why couldn’t they fulfill with the minimum participation.

The truth is that it is being a time of activity quite frantic For Twitch Creators: The Eslands are only a couple of days away, and many of them are immersed in small trips and commitments promotional. That has been exactly the case with Komanche and Cristinini: the former is enjoying his last days in El Salvador, as well as preparing for the Esland and the Squid Games 2; the second, on the other hand, has shared a few days of skiing with Mayichi and Aroyitt, and has prepared for a trip to Paris. The fact that these events have coincided with the celebration of Extreme Minecraft has been what has led to participate so little

After this premature expulsion, the followers of both streamers they have been wanting to see how they would develop in the environment of this competition. Luckily, Auron has already hinted that Minecraft Extreme 2 Will Existso maybe by then both Komanche and Cristinini will have a few more days off, and they can dedicate yourself to it. There are still many series and events to be held in the coming months, and surely both will sneak into the participants of many of them. We will be waiting for your arrival with great desire!

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