League of Legends source code leaked


Something that usually happens frequently today in the world of video games is hacking, something that has happened with companies like PlayStation, Bandai Namcoeven with Ubisoft. And now, a new mishap arises with a video game Riot Games, League of Legendsbecause the source code of the title was leaked along with that of team fight tactics.

As discussed in the company, they will strengthen the security schemes, since they have no idea how this leak happened, which exposes some important data, not only how the game works. But also the usernames, as well as their cards, addresses and more information that they have given to the store when buying characters.

This means that if something is not done quickly, in addition to stealing users’ data, they can discover some way to hack that will allow them to win games without problems. Thus they can reach the top rankings in a matter of a few hours, beating players who have taken years to reach the top.

In news related to League of Legends. It was recently announced that the prices of its cosmetics could drop in the following months, something that has not been entirely clear. If you want to know more about it, we invite you to click on the following link.

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Editor’s note: Now that there are more computer tools, it is obvious that hacking can be achieved more easily. So I hope they find a way to find those responsible.

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