Part of the success of Marvel Snap is thanks to Pokémon GO

Ben Brode, creator of Marvel Snap, has revealed how Pokémon GO gave him one of the best ideas to apply to the Marvel card game

Despite all the criticism received for its progression system, the system implemented by ‘Marvel Snap’ allows you to level up quickly and is quite fair, since it does not allow players to buy cards with real money. This fact, which is criticized, is what has contributed in part to the success of the marvel card game.

And despite the initial problems, which every video game has at the beginning, ‘Marvel Snap‘ is turning out to be attractive, fun and addictive even as the months go by. The surprising thing is that the idea for this progression system came to Brode from a video game probably unexpected by the players, ‘Pokémon GO‘.

Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap connected to Pokémon GO

How? This fact has been revealed by the creator himself in a recent interview with Kotaku, where he has detailed that this location game gave him the great idea that players could not get hold of the cards with money, just as in the game of Pokémon you can’t do it and you have to look for them. That’s where randomness comes in.

Because they are two very different things, accelerating the progress system for all the players who throw lures that make this path shorter for those who put money.

What has been achieved with this? That the progression system is fairer and more balanced, and does not end up being the typical pay to win. An error in which many of the current card games fall. It could be said that the system implemented by Ben Brode has somehow revolutionized the progression mode of this type of game.

Other video games have the ability to purchase booster packs with cards. The marvel deck game does not allow this, and the truth is, I wish there were many more video games that implemented this progression system.

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Marvel Snap

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