An LCS rookie debuts proposing an exotic Heimerdinger ‘counter’

To win the last worldsCho Geon-hee «BeryL» set out to make his mark in the international League of Legends metagame. DRX support pulled Heimerdinger’s selection out of the hat as support, something that since then has been the order of the day within the video game. For this reason, the players strive to find answers within the goal in order to expand his range of champions. Recently Alan Cwalina «Busio“, a rookies of the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), has proposed Azir as a response to Heimer.

Busio100 Thieves player played Cloud9 last Thursday Azir in the bot lane with Yiliang Peng «Doublelift«, who had Varus in his hands. The American’s approach was to use the Imperial soldiers of the Emperor (W) in order to destroy Heimerdinger’s Evolved Turrets. Busio wanted to play around the range so he could destroy the scientist’s turrets without having to expose himself. This practice is already done with other teams like Ashe.

Despite showing bravery, the support of 100 Thieves was not very successful with their Azir. Cloud9 outclassed the Thieves in what was the opener of the 2023 LCS. Busio finished the matchup with a record five kills and three assists, taking the impact of him being relegated inside Summoner’s Rift. The support American was the only player to ‘drop out’ of the current metagame -Nami, Karma, Yuumi, Ashe, etc.- along with Kadir Kemiksiz”fleshy“, a member of Immortals who debuted with Pyke.

Busio is one of the rookies of the new LCS. The support debuts after ascending from the 100 Thieves academy, a team where he came to win the league MVP award. The support of Polish origin has been his entire professional career in 100T, initially signing for his amateur team. Cwalina initially started his career as a midfielder at Polar Ace, but at the end of 2020 he left the position.

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