Best teams for the Pokémon GO Weather Cup

The Pokémon GO Weather Cup has already started, presenting us with a new challenge for coaches who enjoy competitive.

During Season 13 titled Odd Wishes, Trainers will be able to compete with other players to rank up in the GO Fighting League. Each rank unlocks new rewards, some of them exclusive to competitive.

In this opportunity we bring you the best recommendations for teams with which you will win in this article you will find recommendations so that you can win games in the Pokémon GO Weather Cup.

Pokémon GO Weather Cup Dates

Throughout the season of Singular Wishes we will see how the competitive categories will rotate. On January 10, the Pokémon GO Weather Cup began, which will end on January 26 to make way for the Electric Cup.

During this date it will be possible to take part in another competitive category: the regular Super Ball League. You have our guide to win more games in it at this link.

The Weather Cup: Super Ball Edition will be the last of its kind during Season 13, though there are plenty of other events before the season close on December 1. You can see them all in our competitive calendar.

Pokémon GO Weather Cup

Weather Cup Rules: Super Ball League Edition

As is customary with all competitive categories, the Weather Cup: Pokémon GO Super Ball League Edition will also have unique rules.

Being the edition of the Super Ball League, you can only participate with Pokémon that are below the maximum of 1,500 PC. This means that the most powerful Pokémon in the game will not be able to participate, giving other of your monsters a chance.

But there is a second rule. Only Pokémon that are of the Fire, Ice, Rock and Water types will be able to participate, in reference to the “weather” theme. This will further limit your options, but also those of your rivals.

Pokémon GO Weather Cup

The best Pokémon for the Pokémon GO Weather Cup

If you want to win more games in the Pokémon GO Weather Cupyou will need to know the most popular pokemon in this category during Season 13.

These Pokémon are used by a combination of their moves, their types, and their stats. For this reason, each of them has a counter that you can use to gain an advantage in combat.

It is best to use enhanced versions of these Pokémon that can do more damage in less time. This includes XL size or dark versions whenever possible.

These are the most recommended pokemon for the Meteorological Cup Super Ball League Edition:

  • Lanturn: Spark | surf and lightning
  • Cradily: Recurring | Sharp Rock and Grass Loop
  • Abosmanow: Sharp Blade | Meteorball (Ice) and Energiball
  • Lileep: Recurring, Past Power | Grass tie
  • Swampert: Shot mud | Hydrocanyon and Earthquake
  • Ludicolo: Sharp Blade | Ice Beam and Leaf Rain
  • Bastiodon: Anti-Aircraft | Sharp Rock and Flamethrower
  • Araquanid: Sting | Buzz and Bubble Beam
  • Pelipper: Wing Attack | Weather Ball (Water) and Gale
  • Regirock: Fix White | Sharp Rock and True Wave
  • Tapu Fini: Water Gun | Surf and Lunar Force
  • Alolan Sandslash: Shadow Claw | Ice Punch and Earthquake

Best teams for the Pokémon GO Weather Cup

Determine the best equipment for the Pokémon GO Weather Cup it is an almost impossible task. Most of your battles will depend on the Pokémon your opponents are using, and we’re not just talking about the types.

That being said, there are some pretty popular teams in competitive Pokémon GO for having good synergy between their Pokémon. These are some of them, although you can create your own by evaluating the results of your games:

  • Cradily, Araquanid and Abomasnow
  • Lanturn, Abomasnow and Cradily
  • Bastiodon, Lanturn and Swampert
  • Swampert, Ludicolo and Regirock
  • Lileep, Lantunr and Bastiodon
  • Ludicolo, Bastiodon and Lanturn
  • Swampert, Pelipper and Cradily

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