Challenge Esports, the pandemic dream of Raúl Jiménez and Tecatito Corona

Édgar Gómez, CEO of Reta Esports, told how he entered the world of video games professionally and added players like Raúl Jiménez and ‘Tecatito’ Corona to his ranks

It all started as a dream. Four friends who met through video games and today live the reality of having their esports team. Challenge Esports It was a pandemic idea, which was born in Verdansk, the emblematic map of Call of Duty: Warzone, and which united Raúl Jiménez with Jesús Manuel ‘Tecatito’ Corona to be the owners of this new organization.

Edgar GomezCEO of Challenge Esports, and also a founding partner of the team, told how the dream and the idea of ​​entering the world of video games with an organization were born. Curiously, it was a chain of contacts that led him to play daily with the ‘9’ of the wolverhampton and that later they would add to the ‘Tecatito’ Crown and to Emiliano Hernández Melo, the other founding members of the team.

“First Raúl and I met. I played PUBG Mobile and it was a mess because I knew many footballers and the one I got along with the best and made the most friendship was with Raúl. I once entered to play, I ran into Orbelin Pineda and we played every day. orbelin invited Alan PulidoPulido invited Raul and that’s where I met him,” Edgar told exclusively to ESPN.

“Raúl invited Diego ReyesDiego a ‘Chicharito‘, ‘Chicharito’ to Miguel LayunLayún to Funes Moria long chain was made, I became friends with everyone and I had to play with Paulo Dybala Y Leandro Paredes, because ‘Chicharito’ invited me to play with them. It was all through games, we didn’t know each other in person, ”she laughed as she recalled the moment.

After a time in PUBG Mobile and with the birth of Warzone, it was like Gomez and Jimenez They added Emiliano and the ‘Tecatito‘, Well, with so many hours at home due to the pandemic, it was how the four of them came together on the mythical map of the famous video game.

“A ‘Tecate‘ I later met him in the games. Raul invited him to play Warzone, we had already changed the game. I met Emiliano there, we bumped into each other, we became good friends, I introduced him to Raulthe group of four was made and there the idea was born and here we are ”, Gómez sentenced to this portal.

The four of them had months of work and meetings. They always talked jokingly about having an organization, but when the matter got serious, they sought many opinions so as not to have problems and to know how to enter a business that is growing in Mexico.

“We are all excited because it is a project that we have been working on for months. Between joke and comment, we started it up and the project is already in the offing. It is a medium-long term investment and in Mexico we see it with the team of (Miguel) layun, which gets him hard and is something that motivated us. We really had a lot of talks.”

“We talk to people who know everything, even with layun. We talked to him, he gave us his point of view and told us how difficult it was, but that doesn’t stop us because we want to and with that everything is possible, but we talk with layun, with their people and helped us with advice. We talked to a lot of people, we got good advice and thanks to that, we started,” said Gómez.

Challenge Esports faced several challenges and the main one was the distance of two of his partners, since both Raul Jimenez As the ‘TecatitoCrown they were in Europe and constantly traveling. Given this, the administrative issue was the most laborious with their proxies in Mexico.

Despite everything, they achieved the goal of having their organization and have already added content creators and music and sports stars for the same. Jaime Munguía, Mexican boxer; Gera MX and Big Soto, Mexican and Colombian rappers, respectively; as well as gamers Deus Amir and Mirrey TV were part of its star team to create content.

“We have content creators like Deus Amir and Mirrey TV and we brought them together because it was the ‘hype’, a very big one. We have the celebrities and celebrities who are going to support the team who are going to join in activities and streams,” said Gómez.

In the future, they hope to add more talent from all walks of life and Uriel Antuna is in the sight of challengebecause the ‘Wizard’, currently a player of Blue CrossHe is a passionate gamer.

Besides, Challenge Esports already has its first competitive team, which will be in Valorant and where they have already announced the eight members who will participate in the closed Qualifier this 2023. The players even already have the Gaming House, which is in Puebla, headquarters of the organization.

Meanwhile, they do not rule out entering more competitive games tomorrow, since they have the thorn with FIFAbut with the uncertain future of the video game, there is still a lot to know for them to decide.

“We are going to go with Valorant only in this first semester of the year and depending on the results we will see what follows. We are going to start strong with them, we have a direct invitation to the competitive stage of the game. We said that if we are going to have professional teams we were going to focus on one to be born as winners “

“We are going to include the FIFAWe were going to put him in a team, but since we don’t know where the competitive one is going, we didn’t have a clear future, but we are going to have tournaments, pro clubs with soccer players, activities in the game”, confessed the CEO.

What one day was a pandemic dream, today formed a team and a family, even where Raul Jimenez Y ‘TecatitoCrown They found a hobby that led them to a new way of life and business, which, together with Edgar Gómez and Emiliano Melo, they named Challenge Esports.

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