Epic’s secrecy with the new skins of Chapter 4

For weeks now, there has been a storm that seems to be approaching Fortnite in the form of a new collaborative bombing, which would cause the arrival of important new skins. A secret that, on this occasion, Epic Games wants to keep safe for now.

Well, if data leaks are important, not finding anything can be equally revealing, as happened in this week’s update, in which the main specialized users seem to have found no encrypted skins.

Something that, although it is not a great exception, could mean that something important is coming, and the wait is essential to feed the hype. Well, there are all kinds of leaks and clues, from the Peter Griffin skin, from Family Guygoing by Elsa’s Frozenor the also highly anticipated skins of one piece.

Of all the files already decrypted, there don’t seem to be any more skins for the short term. But next Tuesday a new update arrives in which there are already many more sights on the account. Although it could also be that we did not find anything in order not to diminish prominence when the arrival of the Geralt of Rivia skin. And that after ‘the witch’, we do have the expected bombshell for the end of Chapter 4 – Season 1.

In fact, it is possible that one is reserved as the main skin of Chapter 4 – Season 2, but that is something that only time will confirm or deny. The list of possible collaborations for 2023 is long, which makes it an especially exciting year in terms of new aspects for Fortnite and his battle royale.

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