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On the eve of what will be the largest e-sports tournament in the history of Peru, Marco ‘Blue’ Espinoza, a semi-retired publicist, sits in one of the environments of the Gaming Factory, a center specialized in video games located in Lynx. He no longer does it to play warcraft 3 but to talk about 4D Sports, Peruvian studio dedicated to the production and transmission of events. He and eight members of this company organize Major Lima 2023a tournament of dota 2 which is only surpassed in importance by the world championship of the same game, which fans call The Internationaland that for the first time will have a South American headquarters.

The impressive venue for the 2022 Stockholm Major, one of three Dota tournaments held last year.

The impressive venue for the 2022 Stockholm Major, one of three Dota tournaments held last year. Photo: ESL

But how did this mega event reach our shores? 4D Sports It was created in 2019, although each of its members already had a previous history with video games. Adrian Mohmegeneral manager and founder, played Counter-Strike, StarCraft Y WoWuntil he fell in love with dota 2 in 2014. William ‘CaosFénix’ Morero played Warcraft 3 in his college days in Trujillo. Alonso ‘Gijex’ Martínez watched English broadcasts of Dota games and dreamed of doing ‘concept art’. Julián ‘Flapjack’ Carbajal is a Peruvian-Spanish talent who plays professionally and dreams of being the best. He will analyze the games of the major lime. Marco ‘Blue’ Espinoza studied advertising, but was invited to ‘cast’ (comment on games) by his Costa Rican friends a few years ago, until little by little he became known in the regional community. Carlos Cossío plays it little, while Istav Nile and Juan Pablo Concha don’t play it, but they are very fond of it.

They all came to 4D Sports At different times. And it’s amazing to see how the Dota factor impacts different people. It is one of the games that currently delivers the most money in prizes (almost 19 million dollars in the last World Cup)..

Dota tournaments in the world are among the highest paid in e-sports.

Dota tournaments in the world are among the highest paid in e-sports. Photo: ESL

The company debuted with an event at the end of 2019. Despite the inevitable pause that the pandemicthey did not stop organizing competitions, at least virtual, when many external capitals pointed to the dowry local as “unprofitable”. Over time, they reached the record for the most watched event in Spanish, until —finally— Valve began to finance their competitions. Valve is the creator of Dota 2, the multi-million dollar platform Steam and other classics like Counter-Strike and Half-Life. His founder, Gabe Newellwas a former Microsoft employee who decided to bet on that market in 1995. Now he is perhaps the most respected video game entrepreneur in the world.

Valve plan three tournaments’major‘ a year, each with its pre-established headquarters. The annual competition tour ends with a fourth tournament, the most important, called The International and considered as a world. In the 2022 edition, teams with Peruvian talent were ranked fourth and sixth in the world ranking. Also, the Peru It registers high audience numbers, and the talent of our storytellers and analysts is recognized throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

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