Tyler1 plays Fortnite and the result is worse than expected

It’s not uncommon for Twitch and YouTube content creators to decide, from time to time, quit your main game. The objective is to change the scene a bit and not burn out with the same title. Tyler Steinkamp”Tyler1» is usually a streamer that focuses its content around the Just Chatting Y League of Legends. However, over the years he has changed to the point of playing Fortnite.

When he started playing Tyler1 began to master his lobby completely. So much so that eight of the total murders were named after him. That’s when she noticed the chat, since everyone was writing to her something that has been trending in the Fortnite community for a long time. He wasn’t playing against real players, but they were simple bots.

The harsh reality of Fortnite that Tyler1 faced

«It can’t be, they are bots“, he started typing all of Tyler1’s chat. In a first instance, the content creator didn’t believe it, until he decided to test against a “player” that was in front of him. By the time the bot saw him, started shooting. Nevertheless, all the bullets he fired missed. That’s when he realized that all his efforts had been in vain, since at no time did he play against real people.

That’s when he asked if he could play against real players at some point. It’s not the first time we’ve seen bots in a battle royale. It is a tendency quite used to make new ones learn the mechanics of the game. With that they protect them from the most veteran players and that they don’t have a chance.

However, this can be quite annoying for players who want a challenge from the start. Despite this, there are many more casual players who prefer to have a good time with their friends, so we will have to continue this trend in the future.

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