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The second week of the 2023 Opening Tournament of the Master Flow League, organized by the Professional Video Game League, is gone, in which the fight for entry to the South Regional League continues. The WAP Esports team from Rosario positioned itself as the leader of the contest after three wins and a free date. Newell’s, for his part, still does not know victory.

The League Of Legends duel from Rosario culminated in the hands of the orange team, which managed to show itself superior to Leprosy, closing the game in 24 minutes and with a score of deaths in favor of 22 to 1. The MVP of the match was Jujuy’s Luciano “Luco ” Malizia, from the role of Support.

The first to play on Friday was WAP, who won again in a close match against Ebro Gaming. In this way, the Rosario team got an ideal score after 3 games (and a free date). The game ended with 19 kills against 11 for León and lasted 32 minutes. The most valuable player of the match was the Chilean Esteban “Neadz” San Martín Durán.

Lautaro “MisterG” Ulla, WAP Esports coach, analyzed the beginning of the competition and everything that is to come: “Of the first three weeks, they were games that we knew we had to win no matter what and it seems to me that we did it in a good way form. Mainly the first two because of the forcefulness with which we won them. They are important matches because we build a foundation of confidence for future dates, but we are not going to live only on what has been done up to now. Now you have to think and go in search of victory against Pampas and Undead, for the following week to face Boca and River. They would be very important points to be able to close the tournament in good shape. What we have done is very positive, but we need to play against teams that push us a little more to really measure what level we are at and be able to continue improving thinking about entering the South Regional League”.

Closing matchday four of the Master Flow League, Newell’s faced the other team that won promotion with him, Primate. After a very tough match where the Simios were better, the Leprosy will begin the third week of competition with the need to seek to get their first point. The duel lasted 24 minutes with 21 deaths against 6 for Rojinegro.

Matías “Ewzhier” Galanti, Newell’s coach, analyzed the beginning of the competition: “I think we have very rookie players but with a lot of potential and we are using these first weeks to settle in and develop a competitive and correct playstyle. The guys are good but very sloppy due to their inexperience and that leads us to make many mistakes on important timings. We have to solve those things and we can show much more than what has been shown up to now”.

The standings ended with WAP Esports as the only leader after three wins in a row and having been released on the first day of the tournament. With three games won and one lost, the escorts are Boca, Globant Emerald Team and Primate. River and Pampas dispute the fifth and sixth position with two points each.

One step below, Maycam got one point from three games played. While the lower part has Newell’s in the last position after four defeats, behind Malvinas, Ebro and Undead who got one point in favor and three against. Next week, Newell’s will take on Maycam Evolve and Globant Emerald Team, while WAP Esports will play Pampas and Undead.

The matches of the Master Flow 2023 League can be followed live through Flow Channel 601, the official Twitch or YouTube channels.

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