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Do not miss anything that happens at the great gala of the awards organized by TheGrefg for the Hispanic community of content creators.

[EN VIVO]  Coverage ESLAND Awards 2023: all the winners and awardees
[EN VIVO] Coverage ESLAND Awards 2023: all the winners and awardees

The Hispanic community of content creators will celebrate this Sunday the ESLAND Awards 2023 in it National Auditorium of Mexico Citywhere the most outstanding figures of the community during the last year will be recognized.

The broadcast can be followed on the Twitch channel of TheGrefgwho has been in charge of organizing this great event, and will start this Sunday, January 29, 2023 from 12pm (MEX) / 3pm (ARG) / 7pm (ESP) with the red carpet, where Arigameplays and Sergio Ferra They will be the presenters.

Presentations by prominent artists such as Lola Indigo and Jhay Cortezas confirmed by TheGrefg in a live stream prior to the event.

Below we review the winners of each category:

Winners ESLAND Awards 2023

• Streamer of the Year:
• Event of the Year:
• Streamer Revelation:
• Series of the Year:
• Miniseries of the Year:
• Clip of the Year:
• Talk Show of the Year:
• IRL Streamers:
• Information Coverage:
• Esports Player of the Year:
• Caster of the Year:
• Ball of the Year:
• Song of the Year:
• Fail of the Year:
• Anger of the Year:
• Roleplayer of the Year:
• VTuber of the Year:

Categories and Nominees at the ESLAND 2023 Awards

Streamer of the Year

• Auronplay
• ElMariana
• Ibai
• IlloJuan

Best Content Series

• The Dchallenge 2
• Karmaland V
• Pokemon Twitch Cup 2
• Tortilla Land 2

Best Content Miniseries

• The ground is lava
• Juaniquilacopa Build Battle
• Saw Minecraft Games
• Squid Games Minecraft

Best IRL Streamer (In Real Life)

• ArrozyMisfortunes
• Kidi
• LunaClark
• Livingonthestreet

Breakthrough Streamer

• Noni
• Quackity
• Rivers_gg
• Spreen

VTuber of the Year

• Emikukis
• Kendomurft
• NimuVT
• ZilverK

Clip of the Year

• Attack on the French flag – Rubius
• If it appears now we like the penis – Team tryhard
• Smile if you like dick – Quackity
• The haka – Gerard Romero

Talk Show of the Year

• Chatting Quietly
• The Wild Project
• The round table
• I Internet

anger of the year

• DjMaRiiO
• Ibai and Spreen
• Luzu
• Quackity

Event of the Year

• The Great Game of Youtubers 2
• GP Twitter
• Juaniquilo Beer Pong Cup
• Year 2 Evening

Fail of the Year

• There goes my burst – Manute
• The unbreakable clock – Ibai Llanos and Masi
• The jump – JuanSGuranizo
• The fall – Mother of Karchez

Caster of the Year

• Jaime Mellado
• Suja
• Ulises
• Vicky Palami

esports player

• Flakked (LOL)
• Jelty (Fortnite)
• Mixwell (VALORANT)
• Reven (TFT)

Roleplayer of the Year

• AgentMaxo
• Carol
• JuanSGuarnizo
• Reborn_Live

Dance of the Year

• AuronPlay – Pepas
• Carreraaa – El Woody
• ElMariana – Dancing with a skeleton
• follacamiones24 – Dancing in the evening

song of the year

• Emikukis
• Kendomurft
• NimuVT
• ZilverK

Best News Coverage

• cell
• And you
• Gerard Romero
• Tamayovision

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