from world’s best mid-jungle duo to enemies outside of the Rift

Gao Tian Liang”tian» and Kim Tae-sang «Doinb» were in 2019 the best half-jungle duo in the world. Both players were a fundamental part of the FunPlus Phoenix that was proclaimed the winner of worlds and denied G2 Esports the only grand slams from the history of League of Legends. The jungler came to FunPlus because it was an express request from the medium, which saw a lot of talent in him. However, years later they have gone their separate ways outside of Summoner’s Rift, coming to a feud.

The origin of the controversy between Tian and Doinb has its place in a publication of the jungle on Weibo. Through a comment, the Top Esports player revealed that he had ended a relationship with her now ex-partner because she allegedly hid from him that she previously had a relationship with a close friend. For this reason, The world champion decided to unfollow some people on the social network, including the medium and Umi, his wife.

Faced with this situation, Doinb decided to comment during a live broadcast the situation with Tian (although it had nothing to do with the breakup): «It’s hard to be friends or a teammate with that man, I’m not kidding. One day you find yourself on a blacklist for no reason.«. The former LNG Esports player lashed out at his former teammate, accusing him of becoming “Amumu.” Because of these statements, many fans have been quick to link the collapse of FunPlus Phoenix in the worlds of 2021 with the end of the relationship of the jungle-medium duo.

Doinb accuses Tian of forcing Nuguri’s retirement

However, one of the critical moments in the controversy between the jungle and Doinb has come with the introduction of third parties. The outlet has accused Tian of being the reason why Jang Ha-gwon “Nuguri” wanted to retire from the professional scene. After the failure of FunPlus Phoenix in the worlds of 2021 there were rumors about the retirement of the top, but finally he chose to rest during the Spring Split. The South Korean has definitively hung up the mouse and keyboard at the end of 2022, after playing for the second time at Dplus KIA.

Doinb made the remarks after revealing that Tian was attacking other players’ relatives after losing in blocks of scrims. the jungle has confirmed the media report on his attacks on apologizing: “I’ve said rude things before and I want to sincerely apologize to those affected.” Nevertheless, The Top Esports player is clear that Nuguri’s retirement was not his fault: “I don’t know what the reason was, but I had no personal problems with him and I can say it with a clear conscience.” The jungler will return to Summoner’s Rift on February 2 with the match against Rare Atom.

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