Jelty, ESLAND award for the best esports player

The ESLAND 2023 Award for best esports player of the year has gone to the Mexican Jesús ‘Jelty’ EspinozaFortnite player for G2 Esports and one of the most recognized players in the country where ESLAND has been held.

To award it, they have brought up three well-known casters to the stage who have represented three of the four games in which the nominees compete.. Is about SujaFortnite caster and content creator; Jagged, one of the League of Legends LVP commentators; Y Uliseswhich for many years was linked to the MOBA but is now focused on VALORANT.

It has been a very particular award because half of the nominees were not present. Both Mixwell and Flakked, both players from Team Heretics —TheGrefg’s club—, were absent because they were preparing for the different competitions.

Both, curiously, have seen it together. In case Flakked had won it, it was confirmed that Skain would pick it up, but they have not made public who would have taken it if the winner had been Mixwell, who won last year but this time started with less favoritism.

Thus, in addition to the Fortnite player —whose circuit is not as structured as the other games—, there was Reven as a representative of the TFT community —although he was originally a League of Legends player—, Mixwell from VALORANT and Flakked from that of League of Legends.

Three of the four nominees, therefore, were Spanish, but finally the prize has stayed in Mexico. Although we do not know the weight of the votes, probably the local support and the Latin American public have been key for Jelty to have taken the cat into the water.

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