League of Legends: MSI and World 2023 with new format

The competitive system of League of Legends is taking a great turn with what will be his two biggest tournaments in the year: the M: YES and the Worlds 2023.

World video game competitions are changing their formats to include two new systems that hope to improve competitiveness: lower Brackets and Swiss rounds.

MSI 2023

The Mid Season Invitational or M: YES it will now have 13 participants and will take place in the UK from 2 to 21 May this year. The most important regions (LCK, LPL, LEC and LCS) will have two representatives, while the rest (LLA, LJL, CBLoL, VCS and PCS) will have only one.

8 teams will start the competition playing in the Play-In phase: the second places of the LEC, LCS and LPL, added to the representative of the five minor regions.

These eight teams will play in groups under the GSL or double tournament format. Each winner will advance to the playoff phase. Here you can see the format better.

The second phase of the tournament will have the biggest changes with the arrival of the double elimination format or the calls Upper Y Lower Brackets. This change will allow the teams that participate in the upper round to have a “second life” towards the final of the M: YES.

Worlds 2023

The world championship of League of Legends will return to South Korea by the end of 2023.

This tournament will also have changes. For example, a berth will be given to the winner of a 5-game series between the fourth team in the LCS and the fourth team in the LEC.

Unlike M: YES, the Worlds 2023 It will have 22 teams, of which 8 will start their participation through the Play-In phase. There will also be a GSL format here, but will add double elimination in best of 3 game series and best of 5 game finals.

On the other hand, we will leave aside the group stage to make way for a Swiss format.

16 teams will play under this model, which is summarized in one of these points.

  • In the first match, 8 teams play against 8 others.
  • In the second round, the teams that won face those of the same condition. On the other hand, those who lost also play against those who lost.
  • In the third round, those who won their 2 consecutive games will face each other in a best 3 series to secure the top qualifiers.
  • Those who are defeated will wait for the winners of the matches that go 1-1 to specify the third, fourth and fifth classified.
  • In turn, those who are defeated on this occasion, will wait for those who obtain their first victory in the duels between the teams that go 0-2 to define the last places in the knockout phase. knockouts.

This final phase is already simpler: they are the quarterfinals, semifinals and grand finals of the competition.

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