LOL Master Flow League: a single pointer and undefeated after finishing its second week

The LOL Master Flow League ended its second week with a single leader and undefeated, but with one game less. Find out all the details, in the note.

The League of Legends Master Flow League continues its Opening 2023, where the third and fourth dates of the tournament were played. With the best-placed teams in points and, for now, with an undefeated leader that not many expected, the competition is heating up. WAP Esports achieved three wins in a row, after not playing on the first date for being the resting team. With this, managed to position itself at the top, since Boca, Globant and Primate, those who are in second place, they also have three wins, but one loss each.

The Thursday opened the week Undead BK against the Primatesvictory went to minute 31with an advantage of 10-1 in favor of primates. With great ease and tranquility, the Prima-T managed to break through the undead defenses and end the match quickly. Followed by this, ebro I wanted to continue adding points, but Globant Emerald Team they were not allowed, after get the soul of the Quimtech dragon and baron, the emerald achieved a new point at minute 36 by 13-1 on the scoreboard.

The third party of the day was between the undefeated Boca Juniors against the Rosario team from Malvinas Gamingwhere the xeneizes prevailed and managed to maintain their unbeaten status so far. After touching the minute 35 and get a 21-8 with the soul of the dragon Quimtech, the game is over for the rosarinos. Almost at the end of the day, WAP showed why he wants to become champion, after defeating in 24 minutes and with a score of 22-1 to the newly arrived squad Newell’s.

To close the date, River managed to win its second point against Maycam Evolveafter a great close by dodging the Wall of the Weaver of Taliyah managed by the jungler of the pandas, Griff, along with the extermination, the game ended at minute 30 27-9 in favor of the millionaires.

The week end began between River and GETboth wanted to continue adding and the millionaires to maintain their undefeated, but the emerald prevailed after some mistakes of the millionaires that could be capitalized by GET. In 34 minutes of game and with the minimum difference of 8-9, the emerald took his point, in one of the most hard-fought games of the season. The one that could fight for the position as the best game was between EBRO and WAP that, after a great teamfight won by WAPheThey managed to get all the Mid towers, the inhibitor and the nexus, to close the game in 33 minutes by 19-11.

The third match of date 4 of the Master Flow League was between the Undead undead against Malvinas Gaming, who managed to get their first point in competition, by closing the game in 36 minutes by 13-6, with the soul of the Quimtech dragon. After 31 minutes, the score 17-7 and another Quimtech dragon soul, Pampas managed to snatch the undefeated from Boca Juniors Gaming. With this defeat, WAP is in first place with one game less, but without defeats.

As the closing of the week and date, two old acquaintances faced each other in the regionals, Primates vs. Newells. The Prima-T achieved their third victory, positioning itself in second place along with River, Globant and Boca, after finishing the game in 24 minutes by 21-6. This left leprosy relegated, which has yet to achieve its first victory within the competition.

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