“Looks like Fortnite”, Horizon leak divides player opinion

This morning some gameplay and concept art of the upcoming multiplayer game from Horizon. The leaked material generated all kinds of opinions among fans of the franchise, who compared the project with other games that are very popular today.

The material divided the community, as some players are disappointed with the title proposal while others are already excited to enjoy it. The comparisons were not long in coming and many believe that the game is a mixture of Fortnite Y Monster Hunter.

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fans of Horizon They opined on the multiplayer leaks

Part of the community is disappointed with the leaked material, as it shows an artistic direction that is a little removed from the games in the saga and that is more cartoonish. For this reason and some mechanics that look similar, many compared the multiplayer with Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Some of the players believe that PlayStation is on the right track in trying to get closer to the Epic Games game, but others believe that it is a mistake since they will take away part of its essence from Horizon. For this reason, some fans are even already predicting the failure of the game.

“This thing has failure written all over it, it’s like they’re trying to make a game of Horizon x Fortnite. It’s terrible,” said one player.

On the other hand, there are also fans who compared the leaked gameplay with Monster Hunter. They think the concept of the Capcom saga fits very well with the PlayStation IP, so they celebrated the similarities.

“This was unavoidable. Horizon has always reminded me of Monster Hunter. When they announced that a multiplayer game was in development, I knew it would go this way, but I didn’t think the graphics would look like Fortnite. Sony is trying to reach a mass audience, which makes sense,” another fan commented on social media.

It is important to note that the leak shows gameplay at an early stage of development. This means that the game will not be or look exactly as seen in the video.

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In this link you will find all the news about Horizon and your future projects.

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