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Everybody applauded niantic when they introduced the Daily Incense mechanic to Pokémon GO. For people who do not know what this is: it is an incense for daily use with a period of 15 minutes. The incense is automatically activated when you use it and attracts Pokemon wild of a particular rarity near your location. This allows you to capture them easily, except for the Galar birds.

niantic seems to have abandoned this mechanic. The players of Pokémon GO they no longer feel excited about it. The main reason is the lack of content and also the high difficulty of the main claim of this incense, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres of Galar. A lot of people are asking for Niantic to add new challenges of lower difficulty.

Pokémon Go

Although it was initially welcomed by players as a fun and free activity to enjoy on a daily basis, it changed over time. Many began to perceive it negatively due to the main objective that has been mentioned in the previous paragraph. The Galar birds They only spawn while the incense is active, and have a very low spawn and capture rate, along with a very high escape rate.

The user Palz_Go in Twittershared an image capture of the results of the daily incense with the following message: “First daily incense that I have done in a long time and surprise, surprise, no trace of the Galar birdsdoes anyone else care to use it?”

There are players waiting for the probability rates to change and improve. Others comment that they hope that niantic add new content to this mechanic that was originally liked.

Have you seen a Galar bird on your daily walks? What new mechanics could Niantic add? We read you in the comments.


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