Stuffing on Chinese food and League of Legends ESPM News

A long time ago I enjoyed the personal achievements that I achieved within League of Legends. Going Gold or Platinum for the first time was cause for celebration. The premise was always the same: feel like the fucking master in the few square meters of space that a room has. But with the passage of time things have changed radically. Maybe making a video game a routine by itself was never the best idea. Or they may just be a victim of the arduous process of growing up and realizing that important things happen off screen.

Lately important things have happened in my life, or rather, around me. For example, the arduous task of trying to be a good godfather to a child is already a matter of state (the few square meters of my room). The most important one is probably that my mother is already a civil servant after an eternity. I have never seen her away from books to study the oppositions. This January he has received for the first time away from the interim status, which is a breather.

Her respite is not only for being paid under the condition of an official, but also for seeing her salary improve (nothing exaggerated, eh, just a little). Perhaps the wage-surplus value ratio is always unfair, but any working-class household knows never to be nasty about improvements. It may never be enough, but it’s not a matter of being ungrateful either. The thing about all this is that his way of celebrating was to invite me to eat at home. There was only one premise: that it should be Chinese or Japanese food because, since my father doesn’t like it, he is the one with whom he can eat it in a house with an only child.

In the end the choice turned out to be Chinese food, from the trusted restaurant in the city. A Friday that was difficult due to having four hours of class ahead of it became exciting. They have chosen you to share happiness and on top of that the way to do it is through food. Also, since it had been a while since I had eaten a good fried Wan tun from the restaurant in question, I felt like it. There was a problem in the whole equation: that I gorged myself. I was so anxious that I could handle everything and I made my stomach believe that I could handle more than necessary. Suddenly he would have four hours ahead -not counting the night- to think about the crazy thing he had just committed. 240 minutes to reflect that, indeed, I was not as hungry as I thought.

Getting stuffed is so much worse than staying hungry. It is a way of exchanging “I’ve been wanting more” for “I’ve finished up to the balls”. Fortunately or unfortunately, with this start to the competitive League of Legends scene, the same thing happened to me as with that celebratory Chinese meal. I wanted it to start to see how Barcelona is doing in its second year, find out how KT Rolster will disappoint me for the umpteenth time or see what the showy teams are. Remember that here we are beggars of good sport, with “a nice little game” we are happy. But along the way he has had to eat countless breaks or cyclical debates in the first week of competition. The last factors have reminded me that no, that perhaps I didn’t want to either. That sometimes reducing the craving is a good way to protect yourself.

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