Valorant: Riot announces the arrival of the Replay system

The leader of the FPS development team assured that soon the game will receive the addition plus other news.

Prior to the launch of Valorant, around mid-2019, Riot Games had announced that later we would receive a system of Replay. Well, this may have taken approximately three years but, after all, it will come to the title to give color to its competitive scene.

Anna “SuperCakes” Donlon, FPS Development Team Leaderannounced in a little twitter thread that soon the game will receive this addition. He also anticipated that the incorporation of more servers in other locations and more mode updates that enrich the gaming experience will be arranged.

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“Hello! We wanted to share that we have a lot more in development than we talked about in the launch video. A lot of things. Things like replays and new server locations and mode updates and -insert the thing that matters most to you here.”

Beyond the above, he added that they “normally don’t talk about these things until they can commit more firmly to the dates or share actual details.” After that, he announced that in a few hours a question / answer about Lotus will be posted on Reddit and, during February, a new look at the state of its agents.

It must be taken into account that the outstanding addition has been requested since the launch of the game and that it is essential for those who are already on the field of esports. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, League of Legends, Overwatch 2, and Rainbow Six Siege are some relevant examples.

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Although the arrival date of the Replay system is unknown, its implementation will be a positive point for the Valorant competitive scene. It will remain to wait for upcoming news that expand your gaming experience such as mode updates, balance adjustments and perhaps agents.

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