Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super: all the details of the new collaboration

Collaborations don’t stop Fortnite. Epic Games has announced out of the blue a new collaboration with Dragon Ball Superwhich arrives during Fortnite Chapter 4, although it is not yet very clear to us what it will consist of. Below we tell you everything we know and what this new means teaser:

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super: teaser of the new collaboration

At 4:00 p.m. CET on Monday, January 30, 2023, Epic Games published the following teaser from Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super on the official Fortnite Twitter account:

The tweet contains a date (01/31/2023) and an aircraft of red ribbonthe Red Ribbon Army, a criminal organization that has given all kinds of problems to Goku and company since Dragon Ball. However, more details cannot be extracted from the image. We do not know if it will simply be a hang glider that will be part of a new set of skins for Fortnite or if in addition to this it will be a ship that will have a presence in the games.similar to how Darth Vader has appeared as a boss in the game in previous seasons.

The ship seems to be the same one that appears in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Herohence perhaps it is expected that at least Piccolo and Gohan skins will arrive in the game. Perhaps the other chosen ones that arrive as part of the collaboration (since there are always four characters, three men and a woman) can be CellMax either range 2 and the android 18.

The original Dragon Ball Super collaboration arrived in Fortnite on 08/16/2022 and brought with it a themed event in addition to Goku, Vegeta, Bulma and Beerus skins. Who knows if with this new collaboration there will be additional content beyond the hypothetical skins and their corresponding accessories.

In any case, the new Dragon Ball Super collaboration in Fortnite will arrive with patch 23.30. It is expected to be applied to the game around 10:00 CET. Once available, we will have to update Fortnite on the platform we play on. At Meristation we will be aware of any possible change or news in this regard to keep you informed.

Font: Twitter/FortniteGame

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