Metaverse: what virtual concerts are like and how they are prepared

Over time, other artists such as Lil Nas X, BTS, Ariana Grande, and Blackpink also participated by giving concerts in video games Later, Young Thug, David Guetta and The Chainsmokers gave a concert in the metaverse to close 2021 and it has recently been announced that J Balvinlucky owner of one of the most expensive watches in the world, will give a concert in the metaverse too.

How do you create a concert in the metaverse?

To do this kind of events takes advantage of technology of sensors and robotic bodies to record the movement of the artists and present them at the screen in the most real way possible. Therefore, it is possible to digitize your image based on your movements and real physical characteristics. The video is presented in 3D to increase the sense of reality and if augmented reality glasses are used, it further enhances the experience.

To this we must add that the artists who have participated in this way of presenting musical showsthey have been paid about 20 million dollars for these concertswhich usually do not last more than 20 minutes and do not require expensive and exhausting travel around the world, which also makes it a very attractive option for them as artists.

According to the experience of J Balvin and his future virtual concert, this option helps to expand access to art to millions of internet users around the world. In his words, “The whole show has a futuristic vibe, including some crazy robotics that are twice my size. It will be one of my craziest shows and I thank Meta and iHeart for their collaboration and the platform to explore my passion for technology in a way that allows my fans to experience my music, together, in a different way. I am always looking for new and innovative ways to expand access to art and the space of Virtual reality offers limitless opportunities.”

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