Squid Craft Games 2: Dates, participants and more

Published: 2023-01-30T10:32:15

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Squid Craft Games 2 is a reality and more news such as dates and some participants in the Minecraft series are already being announced.

After the success of the first edition where OllieGamerz won the champion in a final against El Xokas, Squid Craft Games 2 is already a reality and new information is already being released.

Thanks again to EuphonyAuronPlay, Komanche and Rubius we will be able to enjoy new tests and great moments in the new Minecraft event.

Squid Craft Games 2 Trailer and Teasers

During the Esland 2023 gala, Komanche revealed the first official trailer for the new Minecraft series, in the video you can see how a subject reaches a central computer and begins to see the events of the first event, with several players eliminated and the search for the founders of the series.

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Squid Craft Games 2 Dates

At the end of the Esland 2023 trailer, Komanche announced that an event will be held on February 12 to present all the news of the new event.

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The event will take place in person in Barcelona and Komanche, AuronPlay and Rubius will meet to show the final trailer of the series, as well as the official date on which the long-awaited series will take place.

In addition to this, they will announce the 200 participants, twice as many as the previous season and which is the great novelty.

Squid Craft Games 2 Participants

Although there is still time for all the action to start, some of the confirmed participants are already becoming known:

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If you do not want to miss anything from the event of the series of the year, according to the Eslands, we will update this news with all the news as they become known.

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