The Fortnite Champion Series returns with a new format and $10 million in prizes

Epic Games has presented the competitive season of Fortnite for 2023. It comes with big changes. It will consist this year of four Majors to qualify for a global championship, a face-to-face event scheduled for the last weeks of the year.

The Fortnite Champion Series change the current system. The prize is succulent, since in these Fortnite world cups they will be distributed in prizes 10 million dollars. Then we enter the distribution of these prizes.

The FNCS will begin on February 2 with the celebration of Major 1. It will last five weeks and in the first three, the 40 best duos will qualify for the Grand Final of the Major. This will be followed by a wave week, where duos ranked 41st-90th will compete in five games to try and grab one of the last available spots for the Grand Finals.

The Five duos to achieve a Victory Royale in any of the Major 1 Wave Week matches they will immediately qualify for the Grand Finals, with the following duos, positions 6-10, also reaching the Finals.

The Grand Final of Major 1 will be held in March, where the duos will have a chance to reach the Global Championship. There will be two days of competition with six games each day. The duos with the most points will win a share of the prize pool, which is consisting of two million dollars. The best duo will advance to the face-to-face tournament.

The dates of all the Majors are as follows:

  • Major 1 (2 million dollars in prizes)
    • Week 1: from February 2 to 5
    • Week 2: from February 9 to 12
    • Week 3: from February 16 to 19
    • Wave Week: February 24-26
    • Grand Finale: March 3-5
  • Major 2 ($2 million in prizes)
    • Week 1: from April 13 to 16
    • Week 2: from April 20 to 23
    • Week 3: from April 27 to 30
    • Wave Week: May 5-7
    • Grand Finale: May 12-14
  • Major 3 ($2 million in prizes)
    • Week 1: July 20-23
    • Week 2: from July 27 to 30
    • Week 3: from August 3 to 6
    • Wave Week: August 11-13
    • Grand Finale: August 18-20
  • major last chance
  • FNCS Global Championship 2023 ($4 million in prize money)

The FNCS Global Championship will be held in Copenhagen, Denmarkalthough at the moment it does not have a confirmed date.

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