The Radiant League returns this Wednesday with its second split of the season

ANDt is obvious that VALORANT professional competitions, like those of the vast majority of sports, are the ones that gather the most people, and the ones that generate the most interest. But when it comes down to it, they are only a small part of the large number of high-level players out there.

The rest are concentrated in amateur competitions, looking for an opportunity to become part of the professionals. in our country, and Specifically in VALORANT, the best amateur competitions are those of the Storm Circuit, and specifically, the Radiant League.

With several years in the making, the top amateur competition presents its first split of 2023, the second of this season after the winter of 2022. OrMany teams will give everything for everything to try to win the title of champions.

The most unpredictable league on the Spanish scene

Although with many changes (with respect to the last split there have been four teams that have become part of the league) Radiante returns this Wednesday with the same unpredictability as always. The rise of players to the Rising, the first division, has meant that we have many new names.

Although most of them are already known in the Storm Circuit, it is true that it is difficult to make a prediction of what can happen in this new season. FIVE, the current champion will seek to revalidate the title, but Team Galaga will want to take revenge and be victorious.

Serpes and Wygers, who stayed away from the title, will try, however, to take advantage of the changes to surprise and become the next champions.. But they will not have it easy, because out of the four that remain, very interesting candidates have appeared.

The champion of the Circuito Tormenta in this beginning of the season has been Melilla Titans, which presents a roster of height so that the Radiant League is only a step in its ascent to the professional scene. Together with them they come from the amateur circuit Team Aku Aku, MIV Gaming and The Last Monkthree sets that will seek to show that they deserve the hole they have achieved in the storm.

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