what it is and how to use it to see all the skins


This new page allows you to see all the VALORANT skins and put together a scheme with your favorites for the shooter from Riot Games.

VALORANT Inventory Builder: what it is and how to use it to see all the skins
VALORANT Inventory Builder: what it is and how to use it to see all the skins

VALORANT It is one of the most prominent games today. Riot Games has turned its shooter in a very crowded game in a very short time, and a lot has to do with the series of skins for weapons that are coming out regularly every week.

With this, there are already dozens of series of aspects available within the game, and with VALORANT Inventory Builder you can see them all. This new page is becoming very popular among players of the shooter from Riot and we tell you why and how to use it.

What is the VALORANT Inventory Builder?

The VALORANT Inventory Builder is a free website where players can build a fully customized VALORANT inventory developed by user DimaArtikx. This page allows you to see all the skins for each weapon so you can build your ideal custom inventory.

With this you will be able to discover aspects that you were unaware of and see what your ideal skins are for each weapon in the game. You can also try how each skin looks with any GunBuddy released to date in VALORANT. Likewise, you can try all the Sprays, Titles and Cards.

When you’re done customizing your inventory, you’ll also be able to see how many VP you’ll need to spend to build your ideal skin inventory.

How to use the VALORANT Inventory Builder?

To use the VALORANT Inventory Builder you will have to enter the free website where you will find an inventory similar to the one in the game. By pressing on any weapon, a menu will be displayed where you can search for all the skins both by sliding through the menu and by searching for it by name. Once you find the one you want, you select it and it will be put into the general inventory.

You can do the same with each weapon and cosmetic on the menu, until you complete your personalized inventory. At any time you can take a screenshot with one of the buttons on the page and save it on your computer to share it later.

Likewise, in the lower part of the initial menu you will have the possibility to see the ideal Inventories assembled by other users.

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