When will the first Night Market of 2023 be available?

VALORANT prepares to receive a new Night Market. It is that function that allows players to get hold of skins for much cheaper weapons compared to the price at which they usually come out in the usual store. Thanks to the Night Market, many players can get hold of the odd cosmetic that until now was practically impossible to buy.

every few months, Riot Games usually activates this tool so that players can get their favorite cosmetics. And it seems that during the month of February we will once again have an active Night Market in the shooter. It will be available from February 16 to the 28th of the same monththus allowing players to have a few days to get hold of their skin favorite in case you have touched them.

The VALORANT Night Market will start soon

It will be the first bazaar of its kind in 2023. Although many expected it to take place throughout the month of January, Riot Games finally decided to wait until February to give us the best offers on skins of weapons. With all this, we will have approximately half a month to get some VALORANT Points and buy the cosmetic we want.

Remember that all skins that appear in the Night Market are final. This means that once the function is activated, the fate dice will have already been rolled and you will not be able to update your shop. What Riot did do at the time was adjust the store so that we never get repeated weapons and we can have some skin Premium within the list.

Accessing the Night Market is easy. Once it is activated, a kind of letter will appear in the upper right area of ​​the client. If we click there, VALORANT will take us directly to another screen where the skins lowered.

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