Who wins with Gerard Piqué’s Kings League on Twitch

Twitch is partying every Sunday with a format that seems to have come to stay, the Kings League, a football competition created by Gerard Piqué and that focuses on the new audiences of the platforms.

This format, which was launched just into 2023, has brought together numerous people who have become hooked on the king of sports, soccer, although under slightly different conditions than other professional competitions.

Thus, the Kings League is played 2 soccer teams 7, in the Cupra stadium. The format allows the introduction of secret weapons, cards that can completely change the flow of the game.

Although it also adds “bombs” in each program before and after the game, such as the announcement of Enigma 69 or the arrival of the Joker in the league, a footballer who ended up being Kun Agüero.

7 amazing things you probably didn’t know about the Kings League, the Twitch league created by Piqué

The Kings League has caused a sensation among the platforms and has come to compete face to face with the final of the Spanish Super Cupwhich he almost reached in audience.

Business Insider Spain analyze who are the kings league winnersfrom important sponsors to the audience itself, which has at its disposal a free format in which the show is more than guaranteed.

Audience, platforms and creators

King's League.

One of the groups most favored by the open broadcast of the Kings League is precisely the audience itself, which can access the free live streaming on platforms such as Twitch and TikTok – with which simultaneous broadcasting is allowed.

According to the statistical account of the competition, referring to data collected by TVTop, the main channel of the Kings League had an average audience of 305,100 people during the fourth day, on Sunday, January 22.

At the same time, on the TikTok profile there was an average audience of 75,900 people, quite remarkable figures for this platform. Now, not only the official channel broadcasts the matches, but also the presidents, who are creators.

In this sense, the first of these is Ibai, with an average audience of 88,300 viewers, all without counting the YouTube views of each summary.

In short, Sundays are for the Kings League, which sweeps the top 10 of the most viewed content, with the exception of IlloJuan or the LEC –the professional League of Legends competition–.

Sponsors and the example of Adidas

Kings League.

As already described, the Kings League is currently the world’s most watched channel on twitchwith a very peculiar football competition, which adds novelties in the regulations and, in addition, in transparency during matches.

In this sense, the brands that have always represented sports activities, more specifically in the world of football, could not miss this opportunity.

Thus, brands such as Casio or Twingofollowing Shakira’s song with Bizarrap, in which several knives were thrown at Gerard Piqué, who took advantage of the situation to get a slice of the brands.

adidas is one of the brands present in the Kings League, a sponsorship that is not far from traditional football, in which it has teams like Real Madrid or Bayern Munich.

“It’s a great way to get closer to the youngest”, acknowledges Business Insider Spain Alejandro Alcázar, PR Manager of Adidas Iberia. “Football is the king of sports and at Adidas we want to be present in all formats, from the classics to the most innovative.”

In addition, it is not the company’s first adventure in these parts, since it maintains a good relationship with creators such as DjMario, Xbuyer, Ibai, Grefg, Adri Contreras or Iker Casillas, one of the presidents.

Alcázar has added that the Kings League is not just a phenomenon on-line, but the conversation is present in the day to day of the most faithful fans of the competition. Thus, it is a good way to get even closer to the new generations.

“Not only because it is free, but because the format, the regulations, the profiles that are present in it… Also the presidents are the closest to the new generations and with whom we have been working for years,” he adds.

Players with fans, Oliver and Kosmos

Kings League.

The Kings League is made up of 120 players who directly receive a single payment of 70 euros per gamesince the ultimate goal of the competition is the entertainment of the audience.

Thus, soccer players have been one of the most benefited groups, since they have the ability to make themselves known before hundreds of thousands of fans, who have already shown their support for the soccer class of some of them.

Now, for each game, the players wear a very peculiar device made by the company under their shin guards. Olivera GPS capable of measuring average speed, shot power or distance travelled.

This terminal costs 149.99 euros per unitwith which Kosmos, Piqué’s company that manages the Kings League, would be paying Oliver a significant amount for weekly and monthly metrics.

Men’s football on Sundays and a slot for the Queens League on Saturdays

Finally, the women’s edition of the competition could not be missing, the queens league, which will begin on May 6. From that date on, Saturdays will be for Queens League and Sundays for Kings League.

At the moment, it is unknown what the teams will be like, since registrations are still open, a video that describes the footballer who wants to present.

The Kings League has not responded to a request for comment from Business Insider Spain.

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