Oddie: “I didn’t like the change from Acce to Poss”

Oddie was not left out of the controversial departure of Acce de Estral. In the interview he also talked about Josedeodo and patch 13.4.

After the defeat of rainbow7 against Isurus this Wednesday, Sebastian “oddie» Alonso, the Latin American legend of League of Legends, stated that removing Emmanuel «Acce» Juárez from the team did not seem like a good decision made by Estral Esports. He also commented on the loss of his team against the Shark and the mistakes they must correct as a team for the playoffs.

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Also, Oddie gave his opinion on the pike with Josedeodo and said who is the best champion or one of the best champions of League of Legends patch 13.4.

Below you can read the note with Oddie in written format.

Oddie, how are the spirits of the team after the defeat?

-The truth is strange. I feel like we could have closed out the series 2-0, but we made too many mistakes that cost us the game. So it kind of went on and it’s a best of three. In this case, we lost two games for fooling around. The truth is that it feels ugly to know that we can win, but we just messed up a lot.

-What happened in the second game, that they had it after turning around a disadvantage but they ended up losing it?

-I think that in the second game they had a very easy comp. They just engaged and it was very difficult to stop it. We always had to look for their flanks. And the truth is that we also made several mistakes, especially in the third dragon, which was the most favorable for us. But they tricked us and two or three people died.

-How are the scrims (training) coming and how do they look for the playoffs?

-The truth is that it was a good week of scrims. When we lost to Infinity last week, we had a pretty long talk about bugs and I think it fixed a lot. But we cannot correct the mechanical errors of each of the players. In general, although we lost, I feel that today at least it was played. At least he got his hands on it to play, not like against Infinity, which he felt like we’re not even trying to play. I am sad to have lost, but I feel that little by little we are going to have a better one. They are mechanical things and things with a little micro that we have to fix on the way to the playoffs.

-Estral is the best team in the league. You had a bad fight with Josedeodo (Estral’s jungler). Do you still think he’s one more or is he the best jungler in the league?

-I didn’t say it was one more. I ranked it in the top three with me and OnFleek (Six Karma jungler). Estral plays very well in the bot lane style, which runs the entire game. And it is the only thing that we have to take into account, because when you have a winning bot lane it is easy to play.

In particular, I didn’t like the switch they made to Acce in the top lane. I don’t think it was a very good upgrade. But they still have the tools with SamD (Estral’s ADC), Josedeodo and Shadow, who are playing quite well.

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-So the change of Poss (Estral’s top laner) for Acce was something bad for Estral?

-Right now you don’t have so much time in Estral, I can’t say that it’s bad. But we’ve already trained against them and he doesn’t feel like much of an improvement. It can be given over time, we can give you the benefit of the doubt. But to me, Acce always seemed like a very stable top player who can play any match up with you and it will always be fine. Estral’s playstyle is focused on the bot lane. So how about bringing another to simply be there, that is, to hold, I don’t think it was the best idea, because Acce did an excellent job. But Estral will already know what he did.

Oddie league of legends, lla 2023 rainbow7 josedeodo access
Oddie looks to lift a new LLA trophy with Rainbow7

-So you were surprised by the release of Acce?

-The truth is that if. It seemed like a pretty sudden change to me. I don’t know if it was because they lost to All Knights and they decided to make a change, or it’s just something every week. You never know, I can’t speak without proof. But personally I can say that it did not seem like the best change to me.

-What do you think of the changes to the jungle in League of Legends patch 13.4?

-I really like the change of lowering health to camps and the extra gold from 13.4, since I think it makes it easier for other champions. Now it is much easier to steal or to make some camps and there is quite a variety of champions. I also love the Maokai nerf, which is actually pretty boring. The strongest or one of the strongest champions of League of Legends patch 13.4 is Lee Sin.

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