Adonis Creed crash lands on the Fortnite island

It’s the last round of Season 1, time to go for that one! Knock Out! Every day we get closer to the start of Season 2, that’s why Fortnite and Epic Games began to launch various mission events such as Encrypted Missions, this time the developers of the famous battle royale announced the arrival of two skins of Adonis Creed to the store accompanied by some rewards

«Adonis Creed, the boxing prodigy, has come to Fortnite to show us his best shots. Get on the ring with his suit that is now available to purchase in the store«, they write the first lines of the announcement in the blog of Fortnite, but as if the appearance of Adonis Creed weren’t enough, the development team of Epic Games also announced a tournament, the creed cupwhich is available from Wednesday and where users will have the opportunity to unlock their suit and a Creed graffiti.

But as if this were not enough, the development team of Fortnite announced that in case you do not want to participate in the creed cup Or if you have already finished with said event, you can complete the famous Creed Missions to get a lot of Experience Points and other special graffiti.

All Creed x Fortnite cosmetics

In addition to the Creed skins in the store we will find the items to complete our Adonis set with the backpacking accessory «Boxing bag“, peak “KO” and of course, the gesture “Intense Training” to celebrate after each drop you make.

But in addition to his traditional boxing look, you can also get the bionic look of Adonis Creed. If you select the Main Event option, one of his robotic arms will be blue and the other green. These robotic skins also include the Blue Mighty Fist and Orange Mighty Fist options.

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