Counter Strike: IEM Katowice 2023 will close the Group Phase with 4 matches scheduled for today – Matches and schedules

The Intel Extreme Masters of Counter Strike that takes place in Katowice, Poland, will end its Group Phase facing the Playoffs. More info, here!

After specifying the instance of play-innow it will be the turn of the Group stage to define their classifieds towards the Playoffs of the IEM Katowice of Counter Strike Global Offensive. During this Tuesday February 7 we will have 4 matches that will star teams of first international level.

On the other hand, the action of the Group A will have the presence of NaVi vs. G2 Esports at the end of upper bracket or top box. The Ukrainian organization agreed to the last instance of the Group stage by beating the semis Team Liquid by 2-0 (Inferno: 16-5 and Anubis: 19-17)while the champions of the Rio 2022 Major they sent the box below the FaZe Clan under the same result: 2-0 (Nuke: 16-14 and Ancient: 16-7).

From the lower bracket of the first group we had the cross between FaZe vs. IHCwho came from giving the surprise by eliminating Cloud9which they could not repeat given that FaZe won with a comfortable 2-0 on the maps of Hell (16-11) and Ancient (16-3). However, Team Liquid did the same before Team Spirit of Russia although it was a highly disputed series which ended 2 to 1 (Nuke: 16-12, Overpass: 13-16 and Anubis: 16-11).

In the same way we crossed paths to talk about the B Group. Initially it was confirmed that heroic he won the arm wrestling og by 2-0 (16-10 in Inferno and 16-12 in Mirage) as well as that the Team Vitality of France prevailed over Fnatic 2 on 1 (Overpass: 16-13, Mirage: 8-16 and Nuke: 16-13). At the same time, zywoo of Vitality gave us a nice highlights with a bomb defense 1 vs 3.

Given that Outsiders beat og by 2 to 0the only thing that remains to be defined before the matches for the finals of the Group stage is the protagonist of the lower picture of the B Group that will come from Fnatic vs. complexity, who at the time of writing this note are fighting in the semifinals. Once defined, these are the schedules (adapted to Buenos Aires, Argentina) for the last instance prior to the Playoffs:

  • Group A:
    • FaZe Clan vs. Team Liquid – 12:00 pm / lower bracket
    • NaVi vs. G2 – 15:30 / Upper Bracket
  • B Group:
    • heroic vs. Team Vitality – 12:00 pm / Upper Bracket
    • Winner Fnatic/Complexity vs. Outsiders – 3:30 p.m. / lower bracket

For those interested in following the matches of the IEM Katowice of Counter Strike you can do it for free YouTube and Twitch both in its original transmission in English or with coverage made in Spanish. Who are your candidates for today?

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