Fortnite reveals new details about parkour through the walls

Fortnite It keeps working hard to revamp your gaming experience, and like it more or less, it’s always a breath of fresh air. A renovation that also involves adding to the parkour new mechanics like running on walls.

It is something that has been working on for months, but at the moment everything is in a hidden development in tests, which keeps the mystery about when it could arrive. Maybe with Chapter 4 – Season 2? Or later in seasons to come? before or after the first person camera that was already put to the test in Save the World?

Nothing suggests that it could arrive soon, but what we do have are news about the operation of this new wall runningwhich will allow us to jump and run on vertical surfaces in Fortniteignoring their limitations.

As reported by the user Wensoit seems that it is already known how to activate wall running within Fortnite once the mechanics are active. Which reminds us of classic titles like Gantzwhich based its originality on this constant parkour.

  • You will start wall running after sprinting and jumping next to a wall.
  • The distance you will cover the wall will depend on your speed.
  • The distance you can jump after wall running also depends on your speed.

In short, getting a good run before ‘climbing’ a wall will depend on how much we can do later on it. Although everything could continue to receive changes until your arrival in Fortniteand that finally this is only an idea on which to develop something more complex.

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