GeForce Now adds half a dozen video games, including ‘Atomic Heart’ and ‘Sons of the Forest’

GeForce Now adds half a dozen video games, including ‘Atomic Heart’ and ‘Sons of the Forest’nvidia

Recently, the technological giants NVIDIA and Microsoft raised to public an association agreement that will allow transferring the offer of Xbox Game Studios to GeForce NOW, cloud gaming service With this your catalog will be enriched with titles such as ‘Atomic Heart’ and ‘Sons of the Forest’, plus great hits from teams like Mojang Studios, Bethesda, and Activision Blizzard.

an important milestone

Within both companies, the 10-year agreement to bring the Xbox video game library for PC to GeForce Now is seen as a “major milestone” in the expansion and consolidation of the cloud gaming format. The announcement was made to coincide with the third anniversary celebrations for the service, which currently has more than 1,500 titles available for streaming. In addition, it is ensured in the terms of the association that games derived from the Microsoft Store will be available on Nvidia’s cloud streaming service.

Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard should bring the ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Overwatch’ sagas to GeForce NOW.

This suggests that both tech companies are working to ensure that games available in the Windows Store can run on the subscription streaming service. “Xbox Game Studios PC games available on third-party stores like Steam or the Epic Games Store will be among the first to stream via GeForce Now. The partnership also marks the first games to be available on the Windows Store, support for which will begin.” soon”, Nvidia highlights in a post on its official site.

‘Overwatch’ and ‘Call of Duty’ should also come to the service

With the closing of the acquisition of Activision by Microsoft on the way, it is expected that titles as popular as those included in the franchises ‘Call of Duty’ and Overwatch also reach GeForce Now. This will allow members of the service to play the titles on their devices, switching seamlessly between PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, smartphones and more. “It is an exciting time for all players, since the association will provide more options and better performance,” they point out from nvidia. Below, you can get a concrete idea of ​​the titles coming to GeForce Now: ‘Atomic Heart’ (Steam); ‘Blood Bowl 3’ (Steam and Epic Games Store); ‘Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator’ (Steam); ‘Sons of the Forest’ (Steam); ‘Ember Knights’ (Steam); ‘Tycoon Poster’ (Epic Games Store).

Atomic Heart – Launch Trailer

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