LLA: Isurus qualifies for the playoffs after defeating Movistar R7

Gisele Alvarez

Week 6 of the regular phase of the tournament ends Opening of the Latin American League of Legends with the 6 classified to the next stage of the playoffs.

Just one day from the end of the week, All Knights in the header who is on fire with his winning streak leaving out of the playoffs Team Azé and isurus beat Movistar R7 causing a triple tie with infinity and the Gentlemen.

The truth is that the defeat of Team Azé versus All Knights has left the Cards team with little hope despite the return of Dimitry to the team, complicating their permanence in the competition.

Despite the fact that the Cards started with an advantage in the early game and achieving the objectives, the knights responded forcefully by unleashing a fight around the Hextech Dragon and the Barn Nashor marking an incredible quadruple murder for FRancisco “Leza” Jaraclosed the map in favor of the Chilean team.

Starting the second series, the playing cards they sought to punish the top lane by taking first blood but All Knights He had no problem controlling the map by conquering objectives and widening the gold gap. Following Baron Nashor’s bonus, the Dragons forced a fight at the base of Team Azéstaying with the series.

As for the second day, Movistar R7 started the series by ambushing his rival and taking advantage of the early game but they did not count on the reaction of isurus who after 20 minutes of play began to rescue some casualties but despite the attempts of the sharkit was not enough and R7 put 1 to 0 on the scoreboard.

For the second game of the series both teams remained even in their start. Movistar R7 took advantage of Yone’s selection to Jeong Mireu Jobin to punish the mid lane of isurus and take out the first targets. Later a fight near Baron Nashor ended with four kills for the Shark allowing him to recover. For his part he Rainbow secured the Soul of the Underworld, but a fight over the Ancestral Dragon sparked a third game.

isurus He tried to take advantage at the beginning of the third game, making many mistakes, thus giving his opponent an advantage. He shark control the map achieving the first objectives thanks to Lucas “Kaze” Faith and his offense. For his part, Movistar R7 he forced a fight in the mid lane that ended up awarding a kill to the Shark, who ended up closing out the series thanks to Nashor’s bonus.


Victory for Isurus against Movistar R7 2-1

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