Overwatch 2 won’t follow the Fortnite crossover trend

Blizzard Entertainment spoke about crossovers in Overwatch 2 and made it clear that it won’t follow the Fortnite trend.

Recently, Blizzard Entertainment presented the collaboration between One Punch Man and Overwatch 2. This drew attention as it is the first time we have seen something like this in the Blizzard shooter. Does this mean we will see more crossovers? Will Overwatch 2 be filled with famous characters like Fortnite? Well good, Blizzard already talked about this.

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Overwatch 2 lead Aaron Keller talked about the recent Saitama skin for Doomfist in Overwatch 2. The Blizzard member made it clear that the characters from the collaborations will never make such an impact to replace the heroes of the game. In this way, we have that the crossovers will be made only as a form of skin for the heroes and not as separate characters.

As Fortnite fans know, in the Epic Games game you can put many famous characters from different intellectual properties to fight. In this way, we see fights between Ariana Grande, Darth Vader, Goku and even Chapulín Colorado.

According to Keller, this will not happen in Overwatch 2, since the heroes will always be the protagonists of the game and will be distinguishable despite wearing crossover skins. The developer claimed that lThe characters and their own sounds are important to the gameplay, so they will not be modified.

“With the One-Punch Man skins you will see that our heroes are wearing the costume of a One-Punch Man character. They still look like our heroes on the battlefield and they still sound like our heroes (…) it is essential for the gameplay”, Keller stated.

That said, crossovers in Overwatch will be purely aesthetic and will not imply any kind of changes to the mechanics of the heroes. Also, Blizzard is expected to select collaborations very carefully so that they fit perfectly with the characters in the game.

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