Pokémon trainer, now Nintendo will watch over your sleep with this accessory

Trainer Pokémon, now Nintendo watchá  your dream with this accessory.  (Photo: Getty)

Pokémon trainer, now Nintendo will watch over your sleep with this accessory. (Photo: Getty)

The Pokémon world continues to go strong and Nintendo does not intend to neglect it. Just a few days ago, the great Japanese company presented Pokémon GO Plus+, a curious gadget that all trainers will love. Best of all, although it does not go on sale until July, it can already be reserved at many distributors, including the showcase of Amazon. Keep reading and we’ll tell you all the details in case you’re interested in putting your name on one now.

Watching the dream and hunting Pokémons

The catalog of accessories from the Pokémon universe welcomed a new gadget just a few days ago. Nintendo announced so Pokémon GO Plus+a device with which you will be able to hunt creatures while enjoying a new functionality and platform: Pokémon Sleep.

This last functionality will take care of watch your sleepregister it in an application on your smartphone and, of course, reward you according to how your rest is, thus allowing you collect new creatures. By holding down the center button on the Pokémon GO Plus + accessory and then placing it near your pillow, it will monitor your rest rate with the Pokémon Sleep app.

The Pokémon Sleep app for use with Pokémon GO Plus+ - Image: Amazon México

The Pokémon Sleep app for use with Pokémon GO Plus+ – (Image: Amazon Mexico)

It even comes with a Pikachu that can sing you songs lullaby to sleep and function as an alarm to wake you up in the morning. The funny thing is that the more you sleep, the friendlier the Pokémon creature will become, unlocking new sounds with it. In the video below you can get a better idea of ​​how it works:

In addition to this new feature, the Pokémon Go Plus+ It still lets you hunt Pokémon in the real world. -would be missing more- if you need to look at the app on your cell phone, so that you can go down the street and catch creatures as you could already do with other accessories from the company.

Therefore, a quite complete gadget that adds sleep monitoring functions to the already well-known hunting function of Pokémon GO, without even losing the essence of this universe.

You can now pre-order on Amazon

As we anticipated, this nice accessory is not yet available but it can be reserved while waiting for its launch (scheduled for July 14, 2023) on platforms such as Amazon Mexico.

This way you make sure not only that you won’t run out of a unit when it launches -you know how big the Pokémon community is- but also that if there are upward price variations, you will never pay more of the price for which you did not book -benefiting in addition to the fact that if your label goes down, you too you will pay less.

Buying it in advance also has another additional advantage: you have one saved in your name but you are not charged anything until the item leaves the warehouse (that is, in July), so you have all these months ahead of you to think about it with a reserved unit or even back out if you finally don’t want to. Do not think about it and stay with one now!

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