roadmap with the content that will arrive in 2023

The game that became a cultural phenomenon lives on. The independent study Innersloth revealed a map or route map (‘roadmap’) that gives us clues about all the new content, changes and improvements that the game will receive among us throughout the present year 2023.

You can see it below.

We are going to know very superficially the plans that the developers of Among Us have to add content and changes to the game in 2023.

The sheet begins by listing the new features that have already been added to the game: hide and seek gameplay and the list of friends and says that very soon they will arrive changes to the interface and user experience. But the most interesting thing is in the list of “plans”.

According to the road map, in 2023 the following improvements, changes and news would arrive at among us:

  • map 5: the long-awaited fifth map that will be added to skeld, look hq, pollus and airship It will finally arrive this year, but they did not give many details beyond that it will have new tasks, cosmetics and surprises.
  • Matchmaking ImprovementsThey did not give many details either. They only say that they will add new features that will allow us to find the type of games we want to play faster.
  • Quick Chat Remodel: the quick dialogue options will be completely changed for better communication with our fellow players.
  • new collaborations: We love to see ‘crossovers’ in this game and they anticipated that we will see some “pretty big” ones with in 2023, but they did not say which ones.
  • Did you notice that the 2023 content roadmap for among us says “Further”? That’s because they have plans to add new roles to the game, but that will only be if everything goes well and they don’t promise to do it.

Source: Innersloth

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