Solutions to the Encryption missions in Fortnite Season 1 Chapter 4 and how to decipher them

We already have available what are possibly the last missions of season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 4, before the premiere of the following season, a series of challenges that have a very special feature because some are encrypted.

So, on the one hand, we have a compendium of challenges from missions encryption in Fortnite season 1 from Chapter 4, and a set of three encrypted missions that we must decipher to know exactly what to do.

The procedure to decipher the encrypted missions can be a bit complicated to be able to do these challenges of season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 4, but we have already deciphered them for you.

In this way you have the solution to all the encryption missions so that you can get all the rewards in just one afternoon while you enjoy the last bars of season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 4.


Fortnite Chapter 1 on GeForce Now Ultimate (RTX 4080)

Solutions to the Encryption missions in Fortnite Season 1 Chapter 4 and how to decipher them

The rewards you can take:

  • If we complete all the encrypted missions, we will receive the “circuit system” wrapper as a reward.
  • If we complete all the encryption missions, we will receive as a reward a graffiti, a loading screen and a very special emoticon.

Solution to encrypted encryption missions

You will see a series of numbers and dots that you must decipher to know exactly what to do. Each number belongs to a letter of the alphabet and they go in order, in this way, the number 1 corresponds to the letter A or the number 5 corresponds to the letter E, and so on.

Taking this into account, you have to apply an additional operation, where you have to subtract numbers following a loop sequence that the game itself indicates.

Be that as it may, we already offer you the deciphered missions so that you know what you have to do. (phase 1)

Inspect the wall under the building to the east of Picturesque Plaza.

We must go to the motorcycle garage that is located to the east of Picturesque Square, a named location that you have already marked on the map. When you arrive, you must locate a yellow cabinet that is covering an entrance to a basement and you have to break it to enter it. Then in the basement there is a code on the wall with which we must interact and thus complete the mission. (Phase 2)

Decipher the signal under the snowdrift in Far Labs

We must go to the location with the name of the Far Laboratory, which you already have marked on the map to the east of the Nevada area. You must locate an orange container that takes you to a secret base, and when you go down you simply have to interact with the four terminals below.

9.1.27. 25.16. 7.14. (phase 3)

Graffiti Splits Bowl

We must go to the bowling alley that is located in Contraposed City, a named location that is located in the southeastern part of the map. When we get there, you have to use the “distant roar” graffiti that you have in the special category, and use it on the roof of the bowling alley.

Solutions to encryption missions

Visit outposts in the Brutal Stronghold area (3)

You have to visit three outposts in the brutal stronghold area, as we point out on the following map:


Gather ammo from chests (150)

You have to register chests, and with this collect a total of 150 ammunition, in chests that you can find naturally throughout the island.

Upgrade vehicles with off-road tires or spoilers (3)

Any vehicle with off-road tires or spoilers should be upgraded. You’ll find these items like deflectors and off-road tires all over the island, especially near garages and gas stations. When you have those objects, you must throw them towards the vehicle.

Hit opponents with ranged weapons from 75 m or more (5)

We must accept five shots at opponents from a minimum distance of 75 m, with obviously precision weapons such as the sniper rifle or similar.

Get kills with a weapon of rare or higher rarity (staged challenge)

You have to eliminate players with weapons of rare rarity or with weapons of higher rarity, depending on the phase.

In the first phase you must eliminate three opponents with weapons of uncommon or higher rarity; in the second phase with a weapon of rare or higher rarity; in the third phase with a weapon of epic rarity or higher; and in the last phase three eliminations with a weapon of legendary rarity or higher.

Deal damage to opponents with an infantry rifle or six-round revolver (phased challenge)

You have to do damage to enemies using infantry rifles or six-shot revolvers, weapons that we have naturally located on the island.

In the first phase you have to deal damage to enemies with these weapons, specifically, 300 damage; in the second phase 1000 damage; in the third phase 2000 damage; and in the last phase 3500 damage.

Earn XP in Creator Experiences (50,000)

As usual in previous weeks, you have to get 50,000 XP in creator experiences, simply by accessing the creative maps from the discover tab.

Mark targets with a scouting hawk (3)

You have to mark a total of three players using an exploration hawk, being able to find this hawk randomly throughout the island, either on the ground or in chests. Once we have it, we must use it and use the shout function to mark the enemies that are nearby.

So with this you already have the solution to all the decrypted missions and also to the encrypted ones of this set of challenges that concludes season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 4.

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