The Mayor of La Roda announces that the next street to be included in the 2023 POS will be Carlos V street

The second Vice President of the Provincial Council of Albacete, Fran Valera, has visited La Roda to check the proper functioning of the improvement works on the streets of San Juan, General Espartero, Hipólito Ramírez and Balazote, co-financed by the POS of the Council and the City Council and wanted to highlight the important “economic effort of the consistory.”

Valera has highlighted that “the Works and Services Plan is the most universal program of the Provincial Council, which benefits from the smallest town in the province such as Villa de Ves to the capital.” He has ensured that the work will improve accessibility, with single-grade sidewalks and leaks and breakdowns will be reduced, since sanitation and sewerage are improved ”.

For his part, the Mayor of La Roda, Juan Ramón Amores, has stressed that “this work was not included in our electoral program, but we have verified that, given its deterioration and after active listening with the citizens of Roda, it was necessary to action on this path.

The total investment amounts to 580,000 euros and, according to the execution period, its completion is scheduled for the month of July, although the Town Planning Councilor, Ana Isabel Estarlich, has highlighted the good course of these works “which are proceeding normally and without unforeseen events” and hopes that “the company can even advance the initial forecasts”.

Likewise, it has been reported that next Monday there will be power outages in the entire area from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. the neighboring streets reducing the inconvenience of the neighbors”.

In addition, Amores has highlighted that with the POS Voluntariado street has been fully rehabilitated, in the previous year, and in the next one, we will request that it be Carlos V street, “the next to be fully rehabilitated, since it is also a demand for the residents of the area”.

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