The open beta of Valorant Premier already has a date

Early 2022 Riot Games revealed a future project related to the competitive system of shooter: VALORANT Premier. In November of that same year the mode began alphabut the developer has already set a date for the open beta of a system that a large part of the community will like. This new project will offer the most competitive players a new system to compete with which they will be able to access the different VCT Challengers and face professional teams. Do you want to use this mode? You will still have to wait a few months.

VALORANT Premier It will be a competitive system by teams of the shooter with the aim of promoting the future of the competitive scene. Players will have to form a team to compete against others and win as many matches as possible. With the victories you will access some playoffs made up of squads from the same division in which they will seek to increase in rank. All this will allow the best to access future VCT Challengers and who knows if a VCT Champions. The Riot title will allow small organizations, or five friends, to reach the top of the pyramid. This would be very similar to how ESEA in CS:GOdivisions that allow you to access ESL Pro League, The best league of the world.

Date you arrive VALORANT Premier

After a few months with alpha mode, Riot has confirmed that it goes one step further by enabling an open beta of this long-awaited system. Andy Ho, director of the shooterhas confirmed in the official video that this beta of VALORANT Premier will arrive with Act 3 of Episode 6, so there are still a few months left. Until then, you have time to practice and build a roster competitive enough to aspire to the top of the competition. The video published by the developer offers more details of the future open beta.

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