Valorant Premier: What it is and release date

Valorant will have a new competitive mode: Premier. It is similar to Clash from League of Legends and will have its open beta.

Riot Games has officially announced the tentative release date for the open beta of Premier, the new competitive system within Valorant. The open beta of Premier would begin with the start of Episode Six, Act Three. Based on the current schedule of scheduled events, it is likely that the start of the open beta will be around Begginings of mayalthough this date is subject to change.

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Premier was originally announced in October 2022 as the game mode “pathpro» official for Valorant. The mode, similar to Clash in League of Legends, allows players to build teams and compete in weekly scheduled matches during an Act. It was initially released as an alpha test only in Brazil.

premier valorant release date what is it

This new competitive system is part of the ambitious plans of the Valorant esports ecosystem. It has been heralded as a possible route for amateur players to move up through the Premier divisions, through Challengers and even into the international VCT League and possibly the Champions League.

Each Premier season will take place during an in-game Act and end with a playoff tournament to crown the skill division champion for your team and fellow players. Teams that are successful in the higher Premier divisions will have the opportunity to compete in the Challengers leagues. Leo Faria, VALORANT Esports Lead, has confirmed that Premier will replace Open Ranked at some point in the future.

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Premier’s open beta launch comes after a successful alpha test in Brazil, where players were able to experience the gameplay ahead of its global release. The open beta will allow more players around the world to experience the competition of Premier and will help Riot Games gather data and feedback to further improve the mode.

With the Premier open beta tentatively set to launch in May, Valorant players have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. The community has been eagerly awaiting the release of Premier ever since its announcement. With the ever-growing VALORANT esports ecosystem, players can look forward to many more opportunities to compete and achieve their in-game goals in the near future.

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