Valorant: Riot presented the relaunch of the Oni collection

Version 2.0 of the cosmetic set based on Japanese folklore creatures will come out with an exclusive katana in the FPS.

The hype for the return of the Oni collection to Valorant has been reactivated after the preview it exposed Riot Games in the last hours. And let’s just say that it was a small step towards a vigorous announcement like this one that confirms that we will once again have weapons possessed by the power of spirits.

The company presented the return of the cosmetic set based on the creatures of Japanese folklore in the FPS. The skins will be out in the store next 7 of March during Act 2 Episode 6. Your bundle will be Premium Edition and will cost 7100 PV which will include everything plus a spray and a gun buddy. It should be noted that the designs can also be purchased individually.

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The Oni 2.0 collection will consist of the Ares, Bulldog, Frenzy and Vandal weapons. They will be accompanied, as with the claws of its debut version of 2020, by an exclusive cosmetic. This time it is the Onimaru Kunitsuna, a katana that will replace your melee knife and that will have spectacular animations.

We also have the word of the design team that was in charge of reactivating the spirits in the FPS. They maintain that the inspiration came from an “image of an ancient relic corrupted and thirsty for revenge.” They even justified some slight changes for the Vandal and that it can be differentiated from the Phantom both in the firing audio and also in its first person perspective.

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For now, we will have to wait for the release of version 2.0 of the Oni collection in Valorant. In the meantime, you can access the Reverie stained-glass aesthetic set for 3,500 VP or the LOCK//IN capsule with its four Mercy knives at 5,440 VP.

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