Why Jelty Withdrew From Competitive Fortnite

Jelty will not continue to play Fortnite competitively and explained the reasons why in a video he uploaded to his YouTube channel.

Jesus “Jelly» Espinoza Navarrez announced his retirement from the competitive Fortnite circuit on February 25, 2023 with a video posted on his YouTube channel. The 21-year-old Mexican left a big mark in the Epic Games battle royale.

«This video is a bit special because I will be announcing my retirement from competitive Fortnite. The reason is because I don’t enjoy the game so much anymoreI can no longer play for more than three hours without getting bored, “began explaining the now former player of G2 Esports, the last team he was part of.

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Jelty went on to expand on the reasons why he decided to retire. «I no longer have the passion. At the time, when I didn’t qualify for a tournament, I felt very bad for the whole night, a few days later I also kept wondering what I could have done differently. In these moments of my life, the truth is that I don’t feel anything, whether or not I win a tournament. So I see no point in playing a game I’m not passionate about and I could really be using my time for other things,” added the award winner. Esports Player of the Year of the ESLAND Awards 2023.

Jelty clarified that he is not going to stay at home “like a baqueton”. She explained that she has “several projects” that she is putting in about 8 hours each day. In addition, she has been going to the gym for three months and will make a video of her progress “in about six months.” To the joy of his fans, will continue to stream two to three hours a day and generating content.

Finally, Jelty thanked his followers for their support, Fortnite for letting him dedicate himself to what he had dreamed of as a boy, everyone who played with him, his family for having “supported him from the start” and youtubers who they supported him like Dead, TheGrefg and Werevertumorro.

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The young man born in Sinaloa was initially known as the “kill streamers.” This is because the most viral videos of him are reactions of various famous streamers of the game being killed by him. Ninja, dellor, Tfue and Jaomack are some of the big names that suffered from Jelty.

His YouTube channel has amassed over 1.1 million subscribers and has become a source of inspiration for many Fortnite players looking to improve their in-game skills. Although Jelty will no longer be competing professionally, his fans expect him to continue to create quality content on his channel and provide his experience and advice to help them.

Jelty has left a lasting mark on the Fortnite community and his legacy as an elite player will always be remembered. His fans wish him all the best in his next chapter of life, and hope that he continues to delight audiences with his content.

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